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097 Tvättmedel Ull / kashmir 450ml

Category: Home care/ Home care
A mild and gentle biodegradable detergent without bleach. Designed for hand or machine washing of wool and cashmere. Lanolin protects the fibres, reduces wear and extends the life of your garments. The wool/ cashmere detergent retains the sheen and colour of the wool and has a warm scent of sandalwood. Should be used without fabric softener. For 4,5 kgs of dry laundry: when soft to medium hard water use 30 ml detergent (will give you 15 washes), when hard water use 45 ml.
+30% water, 5-15% anionic surfactants, 5-15% non ionic surfactants, -5% ethanol and essential oils from Sandal wood.
Price: 249,00 kr
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